The Church Christ Jesus Built


In accordance with the church that Christ Jesus built we shall look at the following questions

  • How did the early church Disappear?
  • The church today?
  • What makes the church the Christ Jesus Built?
  • Why is it that the church today has strayed away and what are some of the signs that show the church has strayed away from the gospel of Christ Jesus?
  • Is the church you attend today conform to the Church Christ Jesus built

The Disappearance of the early Church.

The fulfillment of the prophecies about the disappearance of the early church reveals why there are so many different christian churches in the world today each with its own perspective and view point of the word of God, and why all believers teach different doctrines about the Living God and the gospel of the Bible

Now the following message reveals what happened to the early church and explains what the early church used to constitute and also will show whether the church today has remembrance of the early church.

The Early Church.

Shortly after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we find the dynamic strong, victorious and evangelizing Church spreading true gospel of Jesus Christ through the entire world without fear. How ever, the early church virtually disappeared after destruction of Jerusalem and it disappeared from history, this allowed other fake doctrines that surpassed the true gospel which spread recently the Apostles in the power of the Holy spirit Read Acts2;4″ All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues as the Holy Spirit enabled them”. 

This is contrary to what is happening today in the church only now full of nonsense doctrines and programs of Men, but this came about when the historians began to write about the true Church of Christ again they wrote totally a different one which doesn’t even resemble the early church who were filled the Holy Spirit and led by the power of the Holy Spirit and were victorious.

Today we find churches that call themselves Christian Churches yet the vast majority do not resemble faintly the early church which was filled with the Holy Spirit, and there are many Christian evangelical associations or believers who claim to Worship and Serve the Living God of the Bible and each has professes to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ in the pages of the bible and each one religions believes that it has a keen understanding God’s will for humanity and this is not True, because we that the churches today are full of sexual immorality, divisions, full of Adultery and other abominable things God hates.


Do you think that each of these Christians are following the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Apostle? if yes why?  if No why? There are different philosophies and concepts about how to worship the God of the Bible and there is much confusion about how God expects of each person who wants to worship and serve him.


Why are there so many different competing Christian Churches and philosophies?


The problem is not with having many choices; the problem is which is the right choice because there are so many christian churches who think they follow Jesus Christ but how do you know that the church of your choice is God’s choice? because many people frankly attend a specific church because of their friends also attend there, or because of the church attend a specific in the community or location or its parking facility but a few number of Christians who attend to seek God earnestly in truth and in Spirit. “John4;23-24” But even those few may not know what God want in the church because some of them started the churches from their own wisdom and not built by the Will and call of God, Yet the bible says that they shall be taught the Lord and everyone who listens to the Father and learns from comes to me. “John6;45” and led by his spirit in order to understand what seeks from us.

Today it seems very strange indeed that most of these evangelical congregational associations or believers use the same bible on which they base their beliefs and yet they have different interpretation of the bible as it is written and in fact most Christians do say that it doesn’t matter how or what you believe just as long as you believe in God and the bible. But honestly if your church is not led by the Holy Spirit is not a church rather its just a club because some of these churches that you see are not on truth and some have not been called by Jesus Christ or by Heavenly Father. so you must be careful where and how you worship the Living God.

Question? does it really matter about the place of worship and how you worship the Living God?

Answer.. It really does matter, can all conflicting Christian beliefs and philosophies be right? of course NOT. because if there are any one of them that is right then rest must be wrong. but today everyone that their particular religious philosophy will get them to Heaven very quickly and efficiently than other believers or religions. but this is very deadly and dangerous assumption to have in mind, in fact some of these Churches you don’t know how they started and how they have been built, do you know there are many Churches that are sacrificing people to work Miracles. In everything you do take heed and ask guidance from the Holy Spirit and the Living God bout the church you will attend otherwise you might be sacrificed by the church and end up in Hell.

Where is the Church Jesus Christ Built?

Does the church that Christ built after his death and resurrection still exist on earth today? if it does exist, Is it doing the same work Jesus Christ commissioned the early Church?

According to this message and short study into the beliefs and teachings of the early church we will reveal that most popular Christian beliefs conflicts with the teachings of the early church.

In order to clearly understand why there is so much confusion and competition within the church community today then we shall have to look at the view of the the church Christ Jesus Built.

1. What constitutes the church Jesus Christ Built?

When Jesus Christ said,” I will build my Church ”what was he referring to? what was he going to build?

and what church was it?

From Biblical perspective and understanding of the church means a group of people meeting together in the name of Jesus Christ who have been called by God the father and have come into salvation by the grace to receive Jesus Christ as their person savior in their lives. “John6;44,65“, or in other wards it means the people of Christ Jesus.

The church Christ built on the festival of Pentecost day was conceived and brought forth through and led by the Holy Spirit of God the father which Jesus Christ sent dwell within repentant believers who accept Jesus Christ as their savior Read Acts2;1-4“. Apostle Paul said the following about the spiritual quality of the church that Jesus Christ established and it is written;

By one spirit we are all baptized into one body, whether Greeks, or Jews or gentiles, whether slaves or Free and have been made to drink one spirit for the body is not one member but Many “1corr12;13-14”.

Now you are the body of Christ and members in particular “1corr12;27″ And of course the Church of Christ has many members that’s why we are joined when he descended down he also ascended that’s why he gave some to be Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, intercessors, Teachers, Pastors and others in order to make full complete of one body that’s Jesus Christ as their High priest of the Church and this edifies the church. Read Ephisians4:1-13

But today most Christians believe and think God’s Church is composed of many different evangelical associations or assemblies with Good looking and huge Corporate  Buildings and structures, big businesses or governments.

How ever, the church Christ Jesus built doesn’t necessarily consist of corporate structures of big governments, or Christians with High esteem No. the church Christ Jesus built or rules is the spiritual Church which is led by the Holy Spirit and is Holy Spirit filled. The church of Christ is not supposed to made in programs of men No it should be the Holy Spirit to lead the church as he glorify s Jesus Christ and God also gets his Glory.

Therefore the Churches today are just nothing but shrines who operate on the programs and they have become business entities which is not Godly and this has annoyed Jesus Christ so much because people have brought confusion in the church with other devil programs and his doctrines of grace gospel and prosperity and they have brought sin into the church instead the church overcoming sin.

Some people today think that any group that meets in the name of Jesus is a Christian Group which is not the case today because so many churches have come with different motives to carryout church activities and most of these are false prophets who have come up to stray the church away into Hell, They are very individuals who are on truth in the entire World and these have been called truly by the Living God.

The only people who are permitted to gather in the name of Jesus Christ and carry out his work are those that have been totally redeemed and have shun evil and do God’s will in accordance with his Plan and are led by the Holy Spirit of God and such people if they gather Jesus Christ will be a midst them” Mathew:18-20″

Today Many Christians think just because they are members of a Christian church are worshiping the True God and correctly and this is very Bad and dangerous assumption to make especially with the kind of Fake and witch doctors or False Prophets that have risen up in this generation.  Brethrens take heed and ask God about the true Church not every church you see is God’s Church.

Eternal Life depends on how we earnestly seek, Worship God, Obey God’s commands and that’s why Jesus Christ said that time will come and has now come when true worshipers will worship the father in spirit and truth, for they are kind of worshipers my father is looking for, there fore God is Spirit and his worshipers must worship him truth and in spirit.“John4;23-24”

In conclusion, a few people realize the awesome power that Jesus Christ placed at the disposal of the early Church as a unified body of Christ with spiritual and physical gifts noted to be exercised and used to build the church into a powerful and dynamic force that they would easily identify the Enemy who is Satan and they overcome him with the Help of the Holy Spirit of God who is able to see. this will perfect the saints , for the Ministry that Jesus Christ has called them to for edification of the body. Romans12;4-8, Ephisians4;3-12




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