UpdatedTestimony by Kashemeire GraceGrace K

(Kashemeire was held underground Services for seven years with Pastor Imelda Namutebi Kula serving Satan” Lucifer “until Jesus Christ saved her life and brought her into the Truth to where she is now…

Below is the real Testimony as narrated according to the way she confessed and accepted to give us this testimony for the world to get deliverance and see that these things are real that Pastors in Uganda and not only Uganda go underground and they use devilish powers and deceive people that they are being used by the Living God, but now we know how they get those powers therefore truth is truth and the world has to know their fruitless deeds and their wickedness. They use false testimonies and deceive people by buying these testimonies from people and this is not the work of the Holy spirit of God but time has come to know the whole truth how these false Pastors deceive people with fake testimonies for deliverance. This Lady Kashemeire Grace has this testimony of False Pastors who go underground and how they go underground to get the devil powers, and how they fake testimonies and they deceive people and the world that Jesus Christ is using them it’s broad false. Kashemeire tells us in this testimony, what these pastors do, how they sacrifice human beings and eat the flesh of people, drink the blood and how they have sold the church souls to the devil. Indeed for people who do not know how Satan works may think that these so called pastors who are fake and also witches are true but this testimony will reveal all the secrets of the pastors they do behind scenes without knowledge of the church.

My name is Kashemeire Grace, I am a Mukiga by tribe and I come from Kabale, I have a testimony to give Ugandans not only Ugandans but to the entire world about Pastor Namutebi Imelda Kula who deceives people with fake Testimonies and Miracles to eat their money, she deceives people that she does the work of the Living God but that’s not true she serves Satan. Namutebi is working for the devil and goes underground.


I met Imelda Namutebi Kula, at John Mulinde’s Church called Trumpet centre. Imelda had an agent called Mama Liberty who was spying on the people of other churches who have big testimonies to entice them and take them to Pastor Namutebi Imelda Kula. So one time, we had a night prayer, it was time for giving testimonies at Trumpet Centre of John Mulinde, though I used to sleep at Trumpet in the church, so when my time came to give testimony I started by saying I thank Jesus Christ for he has given me grace, because I have lost Four husbands all dying of AIDS but as for me still I have my life so I thank God for keeping my life. So after I had finished giving my testimony the Agent of Pastor Namutebi called Mama Liberty approached and thanked that I have given a big testimony so she put a golden necklace in my neck. So I asked her this gold you have put in my neck, why is it that you have put it in my neck because I don’t have money to buy it, but Mama Liberty said no don’t worry I was given this Gold by Pastor Imelda Namutebi, don’t worry this lady will help you, pray for you and get healed of AIDS and she is a billionaire and she is powerful, so I said okay, then she left. Mama Liberty went and told Namutebi Imelda but by that time she was not married, so I think the lady narrated to Pastor Imelda Namutebi, that I have got a lady with a big testimony and on the next Sunday Pastor Imelda Namutebi came to Trumpet Church of John Mulinde to preach, she came with Pastor Kimuli, and other assistants of Mulinde John. So when it was her time for preaching they announced her to come forward to preach but when she came forward she started by giving prophecies and that’s how she starts all the time she never preaches, so she started telling the church that here are some women who are barren, and other have lost so many husbands now that I have come they will be delivered, so inside my heart I felt I should touch on this lady at least at her cloak, because they had really nice things that she has too much anointing, she is powerful so I liked her after hearing all that. So Pastor came passing around the church congregation and said that in this church there is a lady who has problems, she has lost four husbands, she has AIDs she sleeps around the church, and I trembled inside of me and began asking myself how did this Pastor know about me? Then she said to me and to the church that this lady God has showed me so many things that I have to tell to her but not here in the church, she will have to come to my Church at California on Luwum street and I tell her what God has given me to tell her. So on Monday I woke up very early morning because I was the usher of the church, I had to first clean at our Church then I go to Pastor Imelda Namutebi as she had directed me. So after when I had finished cleaning I went to her church and found her there in the church she was alone sprinkling water in the church and so I did not want to find out because I was new but it was around 6a.m in the morning, so I asked her about what God had told her about me, and I told her that Iam a poor woman I have nothing to wear, I lost my husbands , and I had 9 brothers and sisters but 4 died now we are five, she told me don’t worry that is small, so she told me that now I want us to be friends , I would like to use you for a Testimony for AIDS, you will be giving a false testimony that I prayed for you and your AIDS got healed, if people hear that people will come in the church then we shall get a lot of money and we do business then after I will give you an Estate of Houses.

When I had about the estates of Houses I accepted, she told me that now we shall be good friends, what is hers will be mine and what is mine will be hers, so we made a covenant. At lunch hour she had told me that I would give that testimony, when lunch hour came she told the church that here is there is a woman who has a testimony I prayed for her and her AIDS was healed let her come forward and give us the Testimony ‘’ so the congregation started shouting in aloud and they gave so many hallelujah’s. I came to the Pulpit to give the fake testimony though I was afraid because I knew I was going to lie to the congregation, but I asked for the grace of the Lord to help me speak, so I started by saying Iam a poor woman who God has saved so much I lost my four husbands because of AIDS, I have my kids I was going back to the village because I was about to die, then I went to Pastor Namutebi Imelda when she prayed for me God healed me AIDS now Iam here alive. The congregation shouting by giving Hallelujah’s , Namutebi came forward saying you brethren you thought I had drunk Pastor Kayanja Dog’s milk and told the church now you have seen the God of Namutebi what he does so put your money at my feet, so people started bringing money forward concerning the testimony given by Kashemeire Grace which was planned but the congregation did not know then after she had collected money for herself, she said you see this poor woman she needs, your help, she has no money, not even what to wear, so you can start by giving a seed to her, so people brought money and others bought me a phone. So after that church services the testimony went and moved all over Kampala even in other countries it reached that Namutebi Prayed for someone who had AIDS. But I was on ARVS so people did not know about this, so when the Trumpet Church heard about the testimony I had given in Pastor Namutebi’s church about the AIDS healing they felt bad and chased me that you should go to Namutebi. So I came and told Namutebi Imelda and she gave me 50,000 ugx and told me that I should get a house because we are going to serve God, so I went and got a house in Bulenga near Namutebi Imelda in 2001 at Jaja Patrick’s House rentals and paid for 3 months each at 15000 Ugx. So now Pastor Namutebi gave me a phone and a line she told me to give away the other phones the congregation had given me, that phone she gave me she was the only one who knew it, and so on Wednesday she gave me call to come and start sprinkling water starting from the church compound and to Kabaka’s round about in Mengo, but the water I was sprinkling had medicine from underground to bring customers in the church so I started my job of sprinkling water which had herbs and medicine for bringing customers, I could sprinkle that water early every morning, in the chairs of the church, in the parking yard to make sure each customer that comes in the church will never go away, and the customer she is meaning here is that flock or sheep or the people who come to attend the church service.

We started working and she was well pleased with my work, she invited me to have a cup of tea together since I am doing her work well. Then I started asking myself that how come this lady is calling me for that cup of tea because I have just come to work with her, and how come really she has trusted me? So I went to meet for the cup of tea, now when we met she came with that tea, but in the tea it was like a English tea, with mixed with Blood, which was going to keep me in the covenant of Satan, so she told that now we are going to make a covenant for doing business as friends and best friends, so he cut herself on the chest, and also cut me on the chest so she got a seed of coffee then she smeared her blood on that coffee seed and took my blood on that coffee seed which made us to be one. Then after that she told me that you should never tell anyone about this covenant if you do will die, she told me that you shall be the pillar of the church and now we are going to start serious business to bring the customers into the church though we did all this the church members started hating me that how Namutebi had chosen me and why is it that I was so close to her. But I could report them to Namutebi Imelda then she chases them out of the Church. But we continued to work as iam waiting for My Estate of Houses Namutebi had promised at the end of 10 years. She I continued to give testimony about my AIDS healing I had got, so many people started coming to the church those who had AIDS but they were not changing the status, but Namutebi had told them to leave their drugs, so people died many and they suspected that we are deceiving even some people started coming to me to ask me why is that these people have died and me I was healed, but I told them God healed me after Namutebi Imelda. People now started leaving the church and the customers reduced in the church, so we started to go to Mama Phina the Head of witches in Uganda to get extra powers to get back the customers and we got herbs, medicine and we mixed them into a jerrycan with water for sprinkling the church in order to get customers so I did not mind about all this for me I needed only my Estates that I was promised, by the way I was not staying with kids but Namutebi Imelda told me they would come by themselves . and indeed they came and found me in Bulenge Lugala. Now things were not well so she said that we should look for God, but they God they talked about was Satan, they went to Waswa Kyagwe the witch Doctor and took another step because we needed customers, so after we proceeded to Nabinonya Beach but time had passed and we went with other 12 pastors who also wanted powers for miracles in their churches because they had started, we drove to Nabinoonya beach where we could get those evil powers, we went at Midnight, with two clothes for changing, after doing and serving our Satan at Nabinonya, with these other 12 Pastors.

  1. When we reached at Nabinonya Beach we parked the car, we removed our clothes and starting walking naked without our clothes around the beach singing evil songs, so now Namutebi lied down facing up, naked then she grew 12 breasts on the left side on the body and other 6 breasts on the right to feed these twelve pastors like a female Dog, so all these 12 Pastors that you call Pastors of the Living God started feeding on Namutebi Imelda in exchange for evil powers that will give them customers at the church, the breasts could come because she already started going underground and she was giving them a starting point, after being fed they go back and change the clothes, but these Pastors could deceive the flock that they have gone to look for God yet they were just practicing occultism and to do this you have to be eating human flesh, they used to drink blood of human flesh, and they deceive people that they are fasting .but honestly these people were not fasting and we giving the burden to the flock to fast and still up to now they still do. The reason why Pastor Namutebi used to feed these Pastors was that she wanted to put them under the covenant that they may not give out secrets, and she gave powers that when they make churches and they get customers they should be paying her a tenth because she is the founder of all that. But when these Pastors things did not go well and they came back to her why things are not moving forward , so they wanted to know exactly where gets powers and Pr. Imelda Namutebi told them she would take them to the source, And by the way the 12 Pastors who were feeding on Pr. Namutebi’s feeding breasts are

1. Pr.Tom Sembela

2. Pr. Ssozi

3. Singer Judith babirye

4. Pr. Irene Manjeri of Bethel healing Centre.

5. Pr. Yiga Abizayo of Kawala

6. Pr.Sserwadda Joseph

7. Pr.Sarah Bunjo

8. Pr. John Bunjo

9. Pr. Tom Mugerwa of mutundwe

10. Pr. Kiganda of Kisenyi

11. Pr. Kayiwa

12. Pr. Mayambala

The above twelve Pastors were getting powers from Namutebi Imelda to get customers into their churches. There are  Founders of the Underground Business who have been recruiting Many Pastors unto  the the business of underground by getting powers from the Devil for fake healing, counterfeit Miracles and these Pastors have been recruiting ever since they fell from the truth since 1983 up to now , they have gone into Young pastors as well to be part of the system, they recruit and anoint them and put them in their church Branches across the country, so the whole country is full of Witchdoctors called so Pastors. So Take heed because the Bible tells us that we should walk as wise not as fools Ephesians5;15, And the Bible also says  Let the one who does wrong continue to do wrong; let the vile person continue to be vile; let the one who does right continue to do right; and let the holy person continue to be holy.” Revelation22;11

The following are the Founders of Underground Business

1. Evangelist Robert Kayanja Miracle Centre and all the Branches they go underground

2. Pr. Kayiwa

3. Pr. Alex Mitala.

4. Pr. Sserwadda Joseph of victory Church Ndeeba

5.Pr. Imelda Namutebi Kula, Liberty worship Centre Lugala

6. Kakande Samuel of Synagogue, Mulago.

At the church of Namutebi we used not to repent I mean the flock we just enter the church even in those churches. So when its morning hours when the customers or the congregation before they come in, we used to pray like this’’ oh lord bring the customers who are rich but the poor fire fire in the name of the lord we declare. In those churches by the above Pastors who are going underground they don’t use Praise Jesus Christ’’ No they use Praise the Lord. Meaning that they know they lord they are talking about the reason is to confuse the congregation and entire world that they may continue to believe in them, their lord they talk about is Lucifer or call him Satan but Not Jesus Christ. So after they started telling people to do lord works but the congregation did not know so these people just go underground to do Satan’s work and get evil powers that will bring people in the church, whenever they come back, imagine they never come back with the CDs to show how God used them, but in this underground they go to underground they sacrifice their church members, they only eat human flesh, and the blood, after eating all that they come back with power and deceive the flock and the entire world but these are false Pastors,. So time came I and Pr.Namutebi went underground again and we were given the snake to be put under the pulpit and we dug a hole under the Pulpit, and put that snake inside and imagine the snake was giving Namutebi powers to control the congregation, so we used to feed the snake with bread, eggs and other foods but we had a boy called Isaac who used to feed the snake.

I Kashemeire Grace with Pr.Namutebi Imelda, we went to every witch doctor in Uganda, we still went underground, we ate human flesh, drank blood, but all these things we did we were collaborating with the doctors in Mulago Hospital, these Doctors are devil worshipers most of them kill the babies, and remove the brains, they remove intestines and sell them to the Pastors, for 10,000 Ugx but it was 7years ago, so when we could get the human intestine, human meat, and blood I kashemeire ,Namutebi Imelda, Isaac and the snake, we were eating all those given by the doctors, so the all these Pastors have doctors in different hospitals who give them human flesh, human blood, and children’s brains but they are sold at a price. So now time came Isaac, who were part of us wanted to start talking about my lie concerning my testimony of AIDS and when Pr. Namutebi, heard about it he was killed and sacrificed.

After sometime, now Lucifer or call him Satan required seeing the church members and I had recorded worship and praise of church members to go with it underground to show to Lucifer and we get more powers, so we went to Ggaba that’s where we use to go underground, so there is a tent where we leave our clothes and become naked then we go to the lake while naked and Pr.Namutebi had the password and she said it, after saying it, the lake splits and the ladders come up and we walk on them where it starts, so after entering the demons are always waiting for us to take us, but at the entrance of underground there is a big Billboard which is electric, but it has every language of all origins of the world.

At the entrance there is a special hire which is inform of all animals even the flies which you see are small are bigger and they are used as special hire to take these people to another department where you need help. So when we reached at entrance, we took the special hire, me I used the snake it swallowed me, then Pr.Imelda Namutebi used the leopard to take her as the transport to go to Lucifer where he seats, then when we reached we removed the our CDS and put them in the for showing Lucifer those people who worship with fire, they are the ones he wants to sacrifice and he gives a command, after putting those CDS he asked what Pr.Namutebi Imelda that what do you want, so she said she wanted to become the most powerful Pastor In Uganda and the other nations as well.

Surprisingly underground CDS that come from earth planet they work, but phones cannot work so there are so many things which are made from underground like women trousers, cars, women human hair, chains, necklaces, ear rings, watches and TVs like Toshiba, SUM-SUNG and other items, but the bible says in Deuteronomy 22:5 Gods says women should not wear men’s clothes and Men should not wear women’s for it is detestable in God’s sight but in the church today women are wearing trousers in the church not only in the church but every woman that’s puts on a trouser cannot go to heaven, not only trousers but also those who add human hair on their heads, ear rings, bracelets anklets, necklaces and this shows that you something you accursed thing or something that shows that you belong to Satan, so with that fact and truth you cannot enter Kingdom of God and they all abominable to the Living.

We could spend a few weeks underground to do Satan’s work by sacrifices of human flesh, and tapping of human blood, and this is what we do if we need to build a church Lucifer would ask for a tones of blood, and this needs to cause frequent accidents on the roads especially on the buses because they have many people and also we could sacrifice the church members and kids in schools.

Time reached when I used to praise Pr. Namutebi more than God and even I knew that Namutebi was more powerful than the President.

My Fall out with Pr.Namutebi Imelda.

Time came when I and Namutebi Imelda had mis-understandings about money she had sent me to pick the money from a woman who she had deceived that she would heal AIDS as well basing on the testimony I was giving about My AIDS that was healed by Namutebi. So the lady did not give me the money after they had made a covenant that she would buy her fuel for 1 and half years and she had given her 7million, but later Namutebi told her to add more money like 2m so the woman refused to give me the money but when I told Namutebi that I have not been given the money, she became furious and they chased me and told that I ate the money and lied to her, so she told me would pay back and this would make me spend the whole of the money, but I did not know what she was going to do.

After some days she sent his Boys who came and caught my daughter and they beat her and broke my daughter’s legs and she went to the extent of dying and when I saw that I knew now that we have fallen out, so I called on the name of the Living God who created the heavens and the earth to help me and indeed his voice came and told me that Kashemeire Grace, this is the time for you to tell the truth World and I received the grace from the Living God almighty, since then I started taking my daughter to Mulago for treatment but I did not have any money remember I was not given any money from Namutebi since we had fallen out, my daughter got to the extent of rotting the legs and now in the Hospitals they started chasing me out because the daughter was smelling, I decided to go back to Pr.Namutebi for help, but she told me that she would lose customers if the church congregation would see the Daughter in that extent, people will say that I don’t heal so she chased me away, until I went to the owino Market where I had my friend because we were in the same state of work at the church she told me to go Maale Fred’s Church, but He told he would take me to the Radio when I told him about I had done with Namutebi, yet inwardly he wanted also to earn from the testimony I had, so things became very hard for me, with my Daughter who almost died and her state was very bad and this annoyed me very much because I remembered what I had done, and I really served Satan very well and Pr. Namutebi Imelda, I was hurt very much from that moment I knew the world had gone and swallowed,

Journey To deliverance.

I thank God who put the grace for me, I met one of my friends long time who used to worship at Liberty Worship centre of Namutebi Imelda but now she was okay, she told me she would take me to some Man of God who used to pray for her, she was okay because of that Pastor’s prayers, so since I was fed up and no hope I said lets go to the Pastor, when I reached the place of the pastor I saw the old man outside and my friend started narrating the story of mine to the old man but I told her why are you wasting my time, is this a Pastor? because I thought the Pastor was in the house and it’s because I was not knowing the power of the Living God which was in the Old man, so I was full of pride and even thought because of the evil spirits that I had would kill this Old man, that’s what I thought. But when time came for me to be prayed for I lifted my hands up and the old man started praying in tongues that I did not understand what this man was praying and as soon as he started praying I had the thorns piercing me the whole body and the skin that I had got from underground was being removed and nothing happened to the Old man, so I left with my friend, in fact when I left the place of Pastor I was found favor with God almighty because I went home and after some days I got someone from Nsambya Hospital when I had taken her there for treatment, I found a certain Sister who said they are going to look after my daughter and as for me I can look after myself and the Sister who was a catholic took my Daughter to school, and they dressed her legs and they looked after her.

Kashemeire Grace’s Deliverance at Rubaga Road Church;

After seeing that favor I had got, I knew it was the prayers of that Old man though I did not know his names, until I came back with my friend and he again prayed for me and indeed I started seeing grace in the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ as I was getting deliverance ever since I have been at Rubaga Road church because I was freed from that captivity where I was by Jesus Christ, Now Iam doing God’s work and even preaching the word of the God, even praying for others who come in the same state that I was in. Salvation is not something you can play with, since I had worked For Satan along with Pr. Namutebi Imelda of Liberty worship, I know all the ways and traps of satan and how he plans all that to put the church which upright down, I have stuck at Rubaga road and the deliverance that I am still getting through the Holy spirit of God, I thank Jesus Christ and heavenly Father for Pastor Israel of Rubaga Road Church because he is not like other churches who have gone astray and sold the souls of the church, Pastor Israel is very humble to the flock, in fact, you have all the freedom to do anything and ask anything and here the flock see in the spirit unlike others churches in Uganda because their pastors are the only Pastors who preach, who pray, who prophecise, who dream only and have all the Say. But at Rubaga Road all the flock see in the spirit because the church has accepted the work of the Holy spirit and he manifests himself, so everyone talks to God because there is freedom of the Holy spirit and in fact the church services are led by the Holy spirit of God for The living God to glorify himself through his spirit that is in the church.

Another thing I see at Rubaga Road Church is that the Pastors are very attentive to people’s problems and they are humble and give respect to the flock.

But in other churches the pastors have thrown the works of the Holy Spirit and use devil powers to control the church or congregation, and through they have dedicated the church congregation to the devil for sacrifice.

Now what I can tell the world is that Hell is real and underground is real and Satan is real and they should pray to God to give them grace and get them a right a church because 99.9999% of the pastors in the world are using devil powers and they go underground and deceive people with Miracles, and now people are dying and some have lost their relatives through sacrifice of human life and in seeking blood to give to the devil for exchange of Powers, Money, Miracles, Most of the Uganda pastors go underground even they have trained the young who are coming so the place is becoming more evil, so people before you move to any church fast, pray and seek Jesus Christ’s grace to show you his right church so that your soul will be saved, because eternal life is not for many but for a few and only a few find the right path. Otherwise people are not in the right Path but they think they are in the right path and most are in destruction, not only In Uganda but even other worlds , because that’s where this planning of under waters started and now it has reached all the parts of the earth. Ephesian5; 15 says walk like wise people not like fools because the days are evil. And look for where the Holy-spirit of God is and don’t go to church because of the friends or corporate Buildings but test the spirits whether they are of Christ’s Read.1John4; 1-.

I have more testimonies about the underground kingdom so I will be giving more details if God almighty puts the grace and the holy-spirit of God enables me once again.

I thank Heavenly father God of the Living, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Holy-spirit.

May the grace Of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth be with you my brothers and sisters forever Amen. God Bless you.


Author’s perspective …

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ now we have seen the testimony from our brethren Kashemeire Grace about how they did work of Satan, sometimes when people are told the truth, they take long to understand and believe the truth, they only want to hear what they expect to hear but not what God tells them, most people have trusted and believed in their Pastors more than their Creator and the Jesus Christ who died for them to save them from the sin what we had, in the testimony above I see that these Pastors you trust in eat human flesh, sacrifice people and take their blood and let’s see how the bible talks about them in the books of Micah

And I said:’’ Hear now, O heads of Jacob, and you rulers of the house of Israel; Is it not for you to know justice? You hate good and love evil; who strip the skin of my people, the flesh from their bones, and chop them in pieces like meat for the pot, like the flesh in caldron’’ then they will cry to the Lord, but he will not hear them; he will even hide his face from them at that time, because they have been evil in their deeds. Thus says Lord concerning the prophets who make my people astray; who chant “Peace” while they chew with their teeth, but who prepare war against him who puts nothing into their mouths. “Therefore you shall have night without a vision, and you shall have darkness without divination; the sun shall go down on the prophets, and the day shall be dark for them. So the seers shall be ashamed they shall all cover their lips; for there is no answer from God”. This is what the Lord God says concerning the Pastors who are doing such kind of acts who deceive that they are serving the Lord yet they are serving his people and are practicing deceit, eat human flesh and they promise them peace and yet there is no peace, they have held them captive of sin.

People this is the time for the world to know the whole truth of what the church of Christ has gone into as we look for a right church, therefore we need the grace of the Lord Christ Jesus for his directions and his guidance through the Holy spirit he gave us to teach us, to guide us, to comfort us but Most have put him a side and have brought the doctrines of men, routine programs yet the church is supposed to be led by the holy spirit.

As I end the Testimony, I have Audios attached and videos for those who think it’s a lie you can listen to the Audio or see the video and also know that these things of underground powers exist and we don’t fight against flesh and blood but against the Principalities of the dark world, against the wiles of the devil, the demons in the seas and the spiritual hosts of the wickedness in the heavenly realms. “Ephisians6; 10-17”. Brethren do you see how we need the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ?

It is written that “Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation ‘spoken of by Daniel the Prophet, standing in the holy place’’ (whoever reads, let him understand), “then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. “ Let him who is on the house top not come down to take anything out of his house. And let him who is in the field not go back to get his clothes.

What did Jesus Christ mean? Jesus Christ meant that if you see things that are not Godly done by these Pastors in the Holy place and that’s the church of Christ that are leading to Hell. Please leave the church before you are taken to destruction and indeed the church today is full of abominations that God hates, for example Women wearing Trousers at the altar of God preaching really? It is an abomination to God to see a woman wearing a trouser and that means she has gone into the glory of a man and undermine her glory of woman-ship, also women wearing Mean skirts and brings sexual immorality into the place of worship which is a holy place of the Almighty God. The place must be Holy and even the people worshiping must also be Holy as the Lord is Holy so we must be as holy as he is.

You can  see the Audios from 1-3 of the above Testimony

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