#‎Exposing‬ Satanism” Signs to know the false Prophets and False Pastors in this generation and in the church today.

Due to the demand about how to discern the True and False Prophets, I felt should again share with you their signs to know them then you yourself shall be able to know them and you shall start discerning who serves the Living God or who serves Satan. then it shall come to pass that if you know and remain there with them you shall perish with them in the burning fire of sulfur which is the second death and that’s Hell.

‪#‎Dear‬ brothers and Sisters the following are the signs of knowing that you are being led by the false prophets and Pastors!!

1. These people don’t talk about the Holy spirit and they don’t use the power of the Holy spirit because they have blasphemed him and he departed from them so they use other powers. They accepted covenant of Serving the devil and can be forgiven because of blaspheme of the Holy spirit. Read Hebrew64-6 and Mathew12:32-34

2. Their gospel focuses on prosperity other than the the gospel of Christ which came with authority over sin. ‪#‎John1‬:29 . They have owned the word of God and have distorted the word of Christ Jesus and yet the word belongs to Jesus Christ because he is the word but these people interpret the word of God into flesh to suit their expectations but they leave God’s will and his ways

3. They focus on performance of miracles, wonders and great signs other than repentance, holiness, righteousness. ‪#‎Mathew6‬;33, John14:21. And we also see that Jesus Christ warned us about the false prophets who would arise but SATAN will use them in working counterfeit miracles which will deceive many but we shall tell them truths they will refuse and continue to live a lie but the day will reveal all and most of them we already know them through the Holy spirit of God when we see them and their Acts. Read ‪#‎2Thessalonians2‬:9-12

4. Their church services are not the led by the Holy spirit but their services are plans and routines with planned programs of men but we see in acts2:4 that the early church was filled with the Holy spirit and enabled the disciples to speak in different tongues. And Holy spirit manifested himself.

5. These false prophets or false Pastors claim to be the only who prophesy or get revelations yet we see in the early church all disciples were filled with the Holy spirit and they started prophesying, it is written in ‪#‎Joel2‬;28 that in the later days God will speak to all people old, young, men, women and all will prophesy.

6. These people glorify themselves other than glorifying the Almighty God and Jesus Christ, in fact they always say come and get a miracle and I will give it to you. These people are always proud and glorifying themselves

7. These false prophets or Pastors have body guards in church or at altars, outside church and also move with bodyguards yet in psalm127 he says unless God Builds, all builders Labour in vain and unless God guards the guards guard in vain, in fact Ezekiel44 talks about the foreigners who come to the pulpit because they defile it since they are not circumcised in the heart.

8. These false prophets sell prayers to the people. They exchange gospel or Prayers for Money gain, yet it is written in ‪#‎Mathew10‬;8 .that you have received freely so also give freely and take no bag along with you.

9. These people advertise themselves on T.v.s, Radios, Medias, and other means of Communications to attract public audience and attention. The Living God doesn’t need media advertising, or billboard advertising but the Holy spirit he gave to us will manifest and glorify him, and infact the true church of Christ Jesus should not have silly programs but you see that those shrines you call churches are full of men’s doctrines and the programs which is ungodly, the church is supposed to be by the Holy spirit

10. These people have put Jesus Christ a side as the head of the church and they have instead taken that role and have thrown out the garment of Christ Jesus, they preach the gospel for gain yet Jesus Christ wants people to understand him by obeying his commands ‪#‎John14‬;21-23.

11. These people love luxurious life other than doing God’s will pray and deliver or guide God’s people instead they became busy for God’s people. Yet Jesus Christ was an example he used to walk in the synagogues to set captives free and preaching. we see Jesus Christ did not love luxury rather he was concerned about the Kingdom of God and delivering the people of God , he wanted people to understand the Kingdom of God not the Kingdom of the earth. Here he said Foxes have homes and Birds of the air have nests to sleep but a son of man doesn’t have where to lay his Head.‪#‎Mathew8‬;20. don’t you think Jesus Christ had all the powers to sleep anywhere he wanted to eat any food he wanted? of course he could have done it, but he was concerned about the Kingdom of heaven than the world’s desires because he knew he wasn’t of the world and also wanted us to understand that we are not of the world. look today at the Pastors they focus on the riches driving hammers and while the Sheep is in problems and the congregation is suffering in fact some sleep hungry and the Pastor is eating at Serena, is that How God wants? is it in God’s will for the sheep to be in that State? of course not. brethren Take heed and understand God’s will and you will be opened because these witch doctors have blinded you.

12. These people are very hard to see and find when in need and when you have problems, you have to make an appointment to see them and they are always proud of themselves. Yet everyone who needed Jesus Christ was able to see him.

13. These people will give you less time to attend to your problems and in fact they are not friendly with congregation they have levels with people they associate with. Yet we see that Jesus Christ of Nazareth came for all whether poor or the Rich a good example is for Zacherius the Tax collector and the poor widow both Jesus Christ loved them.

14. They promise people freedom yet themselves are slaves of sin, ‪#‎John8‬;34 .
Since have wandered away from the truth and followed the ways of Balaam Read ‪#‎2peter2‬,.

15. These people give you envelopes for you to bring money as tithes or offering! Now let me tell you the truth the envelope they give is dedicated to the devil and the powers of the devil comes upon that envelope so the envelope will start demanding Money from your family everything will be taken from you one by one. Can’t you see that is ungodly?? Can’t you afford an envelope of 100shs, or do you think the Money or you won’t be blessed if you use your own envelope??? Do you see how you are deceived??? Open your eyes

16. These people give you water that’s it’s for a blessing but that’s not true it’s not written anywhere that you shall be given water for a blessing now let me tell you that, the water you take is dedicated to the devil, first to enslave your souls within the family and whoever comes at your enters the covenant of Death by Satan, so people be careful in whatever you do because the days are evil and now these pastors you call Pastors are called witches

17. These people give you handkerchiefs and other items like pens, Food, and other accursed things that will keep you in the covenant of Satan with them, Brethren take heed, those things that you see are not just ordinary things no no and no, they use these things to continue watching over you and your family members, that’s why some of you always have a problem and you come out from a problem and you jump into another one, the answer is you are having an accursed thing that has evil powers now they trap you so that you may keep going back there for counsels as they continue to dedicate you to the devil,

Imagine all your daughters you dedicate in those churches? all are dedicated to the devil and they have been enslaved the souls are underground.

Dear Brothers and Sisters by the fruits you will know them ‪#‎Mathew7‬:15-16.

I have given you the few signs that if you see an abomination standing in the holy place that causes desolation and leads to destruction spoken of by Daniel the prophet let the reader understand and let those who are in Judea flee to the mountain and don’t even go back to pick your sandals or pick anything because Babylon has fallen. ‪#‎Mathew24‬:15-19 .

And know that if you are led by a blind man both of you will fall into a pit.Read ‪#‎Mathew15‬:13-14. See I have told you a head of time please take heed, and know or understand God’s will, seek
For the Living God and look for a true church of Christ Jesus because where you are is no longer on truth. Seek for the Grace of God to enable you through, repent your sins for having trusted in The pastors who walk in the flesh of this world, you have not made your God savior and the shepherd, so you realize that and call upon the Grace of the Lord,

With the above signs, Look for the True Jesus Christ and seek the Living God and you shall be saved….


  1. This is the broad truth we shall know them

    • Solo says:

      I believe there false prohets and the so…but are we approaching the situation rightly?
      please let the people know the truth which is the gospel and pray for the holy spirit so they can discern..otherwise how sure are we that your not among and just diverting minds of the innocent to wat is not building them but causing fear and hatred? u could bejust like them….donot get concern wrong, humans are tricky

  2. kiboneka says:

    God bless you so so much Asher

    • @ Geoffrey, It is the Grace of God and the Power of the Holy Spirit that all this can be revealed, so we need to Hold on to the Spirit of truth who is the Holy Spirit of God… Glory to be the Lord God

  3. Atwine Daniel says:

    thank you for the message!
    point number 4. are you trying to mean that pastors should just go to church without planning what they are going to teach about or its something else.

  4. juliet says:

    The problem is people want to solve their problem

    s first yet God deals with our problems if we seek him in truth andspirit

  5. kauna says:

    a prophet some called himman of God, prophesied that I will get married can tht be true

    • that is not prophecy from God, My friend and brother beware of such prophets who prophesy on marriages. The purpose of prophecy should be leading you to know God and edify the church, marriage is part of God’s planning. nothing is new there.

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