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This site belongs to Rubaga Road Church and is only purposed for God’s Work. Therefore this will include God’s Daily word of truth, Testimonies, False Prophets, Revelations about the world from God, prophecies and any other message from the Living God.

We are true worshippers of the living God and he has called us with his mighty hand and through his grace into his salvation of his beloved son Jesus Christ to proclaim the word of truth and his true gospel to the entire world without any Gain because we know that our crown is already there in heaven when we finish God’s work.

This is the Revival Gospel from the Revival Church and God has called us @ Rubaga Road Church to revive that was lost by the first Messengers who strayed away from the truth and have sold the church of Christ Jesus to the devil to gain prosperity instead of true gospel of Christ, they have devised other means of getting powers from the devil to power miracles which are counterfeit and with this initiation they have thrown out the works of the Holy spirit, in the more articles we shall be looking at how these churches have thrown out the works of the Holy spirit and now these churches use the doctrine of Men’s Programs. For we do not accept any donations from anyone except if it’s on God’s will and I know the living God we are serving at Rubaga road church, will enable us to reach his word of truth to the entire world and to the extreme parts and all 4 corners of the earth.

The gospel of Christ Jesus after being distorted into prosperity and the gospel that came with Authority over sin and it was supposed to be, Read John1:29. This has annoyed God having sent his beloved son Jesus Christ to save the world of sin John3:16-17 by accepting the death of the cross so that we may be redeemed but the world has gone into even beyond Sodom and Gomorrah for it is into evil and sinning and even the church itself is no longer on truth that was commissioned Jesuschrist when he sent his Holy Spirit at Pentecost day Read Acts2;1-5 so that his work will be done through the power of the Holy spirit but the churches today are contrary to that instead they have accepted the devil to lead and command the church of God , so the wrath of God has reached him because the churches of today have put back his Beloved son on the Cross because they are not what was commanded the church to do.

Time has now come for the word of truth to come up, because we are the Revival for the church of Christ Jesus to proclaim the Truth to entire World, and the world has to know the truth as it written “ that you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free John8;32.




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