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Last time we looked at some facts regarding the God of the bible not being the Allah of Quran, and this is continuation of the same subject from part1 according to the recent edition and I will give more facts that brings the Allah of the Quran is just a demon and deity and God of the bible condemns him therefore we cannot fellowship with such religions calling the Living God of the Bible, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, it’s an abomination to call Allah the demon God of the Bible, these are lies and blatant lies and we shall continue giving you facts, because whenever you continue calling God of the Bible is the same as Allah of Quran you are punished and you serving a wrong god and this bring curse upon yourself and also your family and make your way very easy to destruction, so let’s know the truth and the truth will set us free. God’s people are dying AND perishing because of Ignorance. This is what the Lord of Host says in the scripture;

I am the Lord your God who took you out of the land of Egypt, out of the prison-house.
You are to have no other gods but me.
You are not to make an image or picture of anything in heaven or on the earth or in the waters under the earth:
You may not go down on your faces before them or give them worship: for I, the Lord your God, am a God who will not give his honour to another; and I will send punishment on the children for the wrongdoing of their fathers, to the third and fourth generation of my haters;
And I will have mercy through a thousand generations on those who have love for me and keep my laws. Exodus20;1-6

As the scripture says that if you get another god, God is jealousy God who punishes the wicked generation from third to fourth Generations, therefore by calling Allah God you will be punished because he is a god and a deity that the bible warns us about us.


Introduction about the God of the Bible being not the Allah of Quran and their facts that distinguish them.



The name of the Allah of the Quran does not change all over the world because Allah is a specific name for god deity for Muslims . in the Quran translation into different languages, they state “ fear Allah” and Not Fear God”. The name Allah existed before Muhammad became a False Prophet (prophet) including Muhammad’s father Abd-Allah which means “Slave of Allah” and who was not a Muslim worshipped Allah in the kaabah of Mecca where Muslims worship Allah today.

Therefore any Man, Woman and child when they become Muslims, they become slaves of Allah Surah Maryam19;93 and there after all Muslims assume an extra name knowingly or not that of Abd-Allah meaning the Slave of Allah remembrance of Muhammad’s father who served that Allah as a Slave before Muhammad became Muslim and a Prophet(false Prophet) of Islam.


Muhammad and Islam have never explained the difference between the Allah and the Kaabah which existed before Muhammad became a messenger of Islam-Allah and the kaabah they worship today.

Allah of the Quran is not God of the Bible;

God of the bible is Sovereign Lord God does not pray to anybody, He does not swear to anything but himself, Isaiah45; 22-25.

Look to Me and be saved, all you ends of the earth! For Iam God and there is no other. I have sworn by Myself; the word has gone out my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that to Me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall take an oath. He shall surely I have righteousness and strength. To him men shall come and all shall be ashamed who incensed against him. In the Lord be justified and shall Glory.”


Muslims refer Allah of the Quran as Akubar (the Great) and body can be great, greater or greatest.

Allah of the Quran swears and prays to the following;

A.   Allah swears to the city of Mecca, Surah Balad 90;1

B.    Allah swears by the one who produced and by what was produced, Surah Balad 90;3

C.   Allah swears by the Lord of Sunrise and Sunset, Surah Almaarij70;40

D.   Allah swears by the Angels Surah Naziat 79;1-2

E.    Allah swears to the one who created Male and Female, Surah Lait 92;3


Allah of the Quran is in one place and All Muslims pray facing same place Mecca and hears only one Language, that Arabic which makes Allah a native god Arab Muslims and other Muslims only. But we know that God of the bible is omnipresent and he is everywhere you can pray at anytime and he hears all the Languages and He is God of all races.


Allah and his Angels pray for Muhammad and orders Muslim believers to always pray for Muhammad. There is no proof that Muhammad will resurrect or that he is in paradise in spite of All Muslims, Allah and his Angels over the World praying for him; Surah Zaab33; 56,


But we all know that our Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead and he now lives in Heaven and he shows himself to those he chooses and he was seen by those in his generation and in our generation here are the scriptures that reveal Jesus Christ himself declaring himself that he is alive.

Iam HE who lives, and was dead, and behold, Iam alive forever more. Amen And I have the keys of Hades and of death. Revelation 1; 18.

But the Angel answered and said to the Women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; for He is Risen, as He said, come, see the place where the Lord lay. And go quickly and tell his disciples that He is risen from the dead, and indeed he will go before you into Galilee; there you will see him, Behold I have told you. Mathew28;5-7


Allah of the Quran did not know the destiny of Muhammad in Surah Imran34; 114, Allah says may be Muhammad would die of natural death or be killed.

Where as

God of the bible told Moses of the Bible how he will die, Deuteronomy34;1-5. And also Our Lord Jesus Christ knew how he would die, and even Isaiah the prophet foretold of Jesus Christ’s life, Isaiah53;1-12 and Zacheriah11;12-13.


The Allah of the Quran contradicts himself, he says one day to him is like 1000 years in Surah Sajdad32;5 and in Surah Maarij70;4 Allah says one day is like 50000 years , according to him there is no confirmation, so he contradicts himself and therefore cannot be God of the Bible.



Allah of the Quran in Surah Nur24; 60 allow women who do not expect to marry and are not bearing children to walk naked…

Therefore according to the above that Allah of the Quran cannot be God of the Bible.


Allah in Plural;

Muslims say they only believe in one Allah, but   Allah refers himself to himself as Iam Allah” in the Quran about five times, In Surah Taha20;14, Surah Namil27;9, Surah Dhariyat51;56-57 and Surah AlAnbiya21;92 and the rest of the Quran, Allah refers to themselves as “WE”

God of the bible refers to himself and the Trinity many times in the Bible that is God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.


It is stated anywhere in the Quran or Hadith that when Allah is mentioned as ‘’WE” means the oneness of Allah. The explanations being given out by Muslim clerics that when Allah says “WE” does not to pride himself is a lie a this is not in the Quran and the Hadith. When Muslims insist that is one yet Allah in the Quran confirms that they are many, are disobeying Allah in Surah Araf7; 52 where they Allah’s state that “WE” gave the Quran, in which we have already explained in detail with Knowledge.

In surah Qamar54; 22 and 32, they Allahs state that “we have indeed made the Quran easy to understand and remember Quran is easy to understand.

The only time, Spiritual beings refer to themselves as “WE” in the bible without them saying their names were demons in Mark5; 9-13.

There are many verses in the Quran where you find, a third person speaking who is not Allah, Jinn, Muhammad or the Islamic angel Gabriel reporting or talking such as Surah Nur24;35 saying is the light and verse38 saying that so that Allah may reward them. Surah Imran3; 81 says “And we remember Allah took the covenant of the Prophets. The question who is talking? I think that is Satan


Even Muhammad is not reported in the Quran ever saying in his words that “ Allah is one” in public as he was reported in the Quran in Surah Ahqat46;9 telling Muslims that he did not know what will be done on him and what will be done to the Muslims who follow him. In the Hadith it is reported that someone heard from someone who heard from prophet Muhammad say Allah is one, therefore from the above statements they are so many Allahs and all those are demons.

Allah of the Quran commands Muslims to kills non Muslims and should not take them as friends;

1.    In Suarh Maidah5; 51, tells Muslims not take Jews and Christians as their friends.


2.    In Surah Taubah9; 23, Muslims are commanded not to take their fathers and brothers as friends if they prefer another religion.



3.    In Surah Muhammad47; 4 Muslims are ordered to cut off the neck of those who refuse Islam till they have wounded and killed many.


4.    In Surah Taubah9; 5 Muslims are ordered to kill all the non Islam believers when the fasting Month is over.



5.    In Surah Imran3;85, Allah says that if any one desires a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted



6.    In Surah Maryam19; 73-75, reminds that they Allahs destroyed the lives who lived a life of plenty and joy and who were not Moslems. In this verse Allah of the Quran orders Muslims to attack and kill people who are not Muslims but are living a life of Plenty, Happiness, and Joy. This is why Muslims terrorists attack and kill people in football Stadiums, Cinemas, Churches, concerts, shopping Malls. And we have seen many examples in world cup in Uganda here by the Alshabaab and in Kenya at Gate mall recently, they are following their Surahs and the Command of Allah.


Contradictions of the Allah of Quran in the Quran book.


1.    Nisar4;105, we sent a book with truth to Judge between Man


2.    Anan6,;5, if we had sent down into you a book written on paper so that they could touch it with their hands, disbelievers would have said magic. So they did not send this book.


3.    Baqarah2;2 This book there is no Doubt, a guidance to Muslims who fear Allah



4.    Baqaraah2; 79 Condemned are those who wrote this book by their hands and say this book came from Allah.



5.    Nisa4; 82, Do they not consider the Quran carefully? Had it not come from Allah they would have found many Contradictions, then it means that, if there are contradictions, it did not come from Allah.



Surah Sajdah32; 5, Allah says one day is like 1000 years in human understanding.

Surah Maarij 70;4, Allah says one day is like 50000( Fifty thousand years)

Surah Imran3; 45, Isa is born and he is the son of Maryam.

Surah3; 59 says Isa is created like Adam from dust.


Therefore according the fact distinctions between The True God of the Bible, I conclude that Allah is just nothing but a demon of the Arabs and therefore he contradicts himself and his book of Quran.   God is not contradictive like Allah of the Quran.


People do not be deceived to worship Allah the demon in Ignorance by calling him God of the bible and we are not worshiping the same God, Our God is Sovereign, All Powerful, Loving, Kind, Just, righteous, Holy, Awesome, He is Forgiving, Merciful and many others that bring out his proper Character,

Whereas Allah of the Quran is a demon who doesn’t love, because it is seen that he has no love for anyone even the Muslims themselves and he tells them that when they have lost Hope they should hang themselves with rope in Surah Haji22;15.


Dear brethren, please look for True Salvation, and read the Bible because you will be to understand that God of the bible is not like any other god in the world and you will start discern that people are worshiping other gods in the name of God which is a blasphemy and leads you to damnation and doom for Destruction.


All Muslims are liars and are Anti Christ because they do not believe That Jesus is the Messiah and such stands already condemned in John3;17.


Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus those who are in Spirit and truth don’t be fooled. Look for the True God, and you find him, Because he says those who seek me diligently will find him. Proverbs8;17


For Jesus Christ says For whoever finds me finds life and receives favor from the LORD. But whoever fails to find me harms himself; All who hate me love death. Proverbs8;35-36


All Muslims love death because they hate Jesus Christ and do not believe in him and also those who have failed to find Jesus Christ harm themselves. Therefore Brethren make every effort to find Life in Jesus Christ and try your level best to look for a right place so that you may not harm yourselves. In the next edition I will write about the Isa of the Quran is not Jesus Christ of the Bible, and also the prophet of the Quran are not the Prophets of the Bible,

The TRUTH is hate to those WHO hate the TRUTH…


Peace to you all who have been called to the Grace of Salvation according to the Fore call before creation of the World

I remain Asher Namanya the bond servant of God the father and the Lord Jesus Christ















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