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Unsanctified mercy is having mercy for the things that God is judging or the things God has already taken judgement on. In many cases many Christians want to run for this un sanctified mercy for the sins they have committed and yet they are being punished for what they have been doing. Christians of this generation often want to  show kindness and compassion on the matters of God he has already judged or he is judging.


This has a conflicting loyalty , we shall consider for instance where people have blasphemed the Holy Spirit and have abused the grace of God and trampled on the blood of Christ Jesus underfoot by indulging themselves in the works of Satan even when God has warned them. The people eventually go astray and find power from Satan and they want riches, fame in short time. Then after they have left God in good Faith want to come back, But God’s word says that it will be very hard for those who have been enlightened and have tasted the gift of the Holy Spirit and the power of the age to come if they fall away to be brought back into repentance because by doing this they crucify the savior once again on the cross and put him to public shame. Hebrews6;4-8.  Now considering this scripture, many pastors and deacons have gone astray and have invoked the power of Satan and God is judging them, has already Judged them according to his word.  So when he is exposing them to the world for his people need to know about them that they may come out of error instead the Christians side with Satan and show un sanctified Mercy that God will have mercy on them, God already warned through many people but they failed to accept his mercy since they loved the world.


This is where we have a problem with God, as Christians we fight God in matters he has already purposed and judged, this kind of un sanctified is erroneous and it’s a Spirit of manipulation  Known as “ the Spirit of Jezebel” which corrupts human character not to understand the Judgement of God, it gives weight to the flesh rather seeing the purposes of God being accomplished and it brings flesh compassion when God is Judging. The Spirit of manipulation does not agree to the sound doctrine and it does not want Christians to understand what God has planned for his people, it wants only to leave Christians in the state of sorry.


Unsanctified Mercy is normally traced in people who have a lot of interests of Men rather God’s interests and purposes. God has many things he is judging on because of our rotten sins we have committed and have never repented about them, so when the time expires of repentance in its period, the judgements of God take precedence, then we see some of our Christians or some people in the society suffering without ceasing and have this unsanctified  Mercy instead of first understanding whether this person could have violated the commandments, judgements of God, but because we are always selfish we normally have this mercy that is not godly, saying sorry and this has colored our thinking and left us naked in the ways of God.


There is an example in Jeremiah and God plus the children we need to look and understand why does not like un Sanctified Mercy.

Jeremiah had un Sanctified mercy  but to the children of Israel and he was praying to God  when God was reluctant to answer Jeremiah and God advised Jeremiah not waste his efforts because Jeremiah had not understood that God was already judging the people after several warnings and people were not changing from there ways which hindered to fulfill his purposes. God told Jeremiah to stop praying for this people, and told him that he would not listen, because the People were facing the Wrath of God which cannot be taken away once it has come into play, I guess Jeremiah had not also understood the purposes of God, so he showed un Sanctified Mercy to the children of Israel yet God knew that out of punishment they would turn to him and leave their ways.


The Lord said to me: “Do not pray for the welfare of this people. Though they fast, I will not hear their cry, and though they offer burnt offering and grain offering, I will not accept them. But I will consume them by the sword, by famine, and by pestilence.”

Then I said: “Ah, Lord God, behold, the prophets say to them, ‘You shall not see the sword, nor shall you have famine, but I will give you assured peace in this place.’” And the Lord said to me: “The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I did not send them, nor did I command them or speak to them. They are prophesying to you a lying vision, worthless divination, and the deceit of their own minds. Therefore thus says the Lord concerning the prophets who prophesy in my name although I did not send them, and who say, ‘Sword and famine shall not come upon this land’: By sword and famine those prophets shall be consumed. And the people to whom they prophesy shall be cast out in the streets of Jerusalem, victims of famine and sword, with none to bury them—them, their wives, their sons, and their daughters. For I will pour out their evil upon them. Jeremiah14:12-16.


The logic behind is that when we show mercy where God has already judged we are hypocrites to God, and we call that un sanctified Mercy which is not godly and spiritual but fleshy and destructive to human in understanding God’s missions, judgements.  And when many Christians have sinned in things they knew about, they always want that embraced un sanctified Mercy minus understanding that God cannot go back on his Word. This has crippled the church in Sin thinking God will show mercy after all, this thinking is Evil, instead of people fearing God’s name and have reverence to his Kingdom by doing good and right before God. Un Sanctified Mercy kills our thinking and colors everything about because we want God to have Mercy even when we know we have not yet repented. I believe God would show mercy where we have known and acknowledged Sin and have repented and continue doing that for the rest of life, his mercies shall be abundant to towards and this was told Moses when the children of Israel had sinned made a golden calf as their god.


The Lord is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation. Numbers14;18.


Mercy is not allowance of Sin, but Mercy rather demands an end to sin and it seeks forgiveness. God does not leave the guilty unpunished. So it would be very pointless to have mercy on the guilty especially when he has been warned several times and knows what to do. If God wakes up  to punish that person it means, he or she has fallen out mercy of God. And the punishment might return that person again to the mercy of God if he understands why he is punished.


Intercessors often take on the burdens of the people, but prophets must take on the burden of the Lord. Very often these are in conflict. It was for this reason that Peter received one of the most frightening rebukes in Scripture: “Get behind Me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to Me; for you are not setting your mind on God’s interests, but man’s” (see Matthew 16:23). This is one of the main stumbling blocks to the prophetic, as well as any ministry—letting human compassion cloud our discernment, especially when it comes to suffering. Peter could not bear the thought of Jesus suffering on the cross, but billions of souls, and even Peter’s own salvation, demanded that He do this.

Unsanctified mercy will have us almost continually in conflict with the purposes of God, spending much of our time trying to put out fires that God is starting. The Lord tests the quality of His church by walking through it throwing matches! Whatever is left after the fire is what He approves (see I Corinthians 3:10-15).

In relation to this, we need to also understand that one of the most arrogant things we can do is to throw these matches ourselves! I learned many years ago not to try to test any person. I do

not have the wisdom or understanding required for this. I observe the tests that the Lord puts in people’s lives, and learn a lot about the people and the ways of the Lord from them. But to purposely test another person or church is to  put a stumbling block in their  path, about  which  we are given the most severe warning—the Lord Jesus Himself said it would be better not to be born than to do this (see Matthew  18:6-9).

Peter received this terrible rebuke about not only being a stumbling block to the  Son  of  God, but letting his human compassion motivate his words to the Lord.  This  came  just  moments after receiving one of the greatest commendations in Scripture—the Lord had commended him for receiving the revelation straight from the Father that He was the Christ. Within moments Peter had heard straight from heaven and then straight  from  hell.  The  immature and unstable will look at what happened to Peter and want to shy away from trying to hear anything supernatural. This is by God’s design as well because anyone who is so immature or that unstable as to be that concerned about making a mistake will almost certainly distort  what they get. So do not show unsanctified mercy to such immature or unstable people and encourage them to do something they do not have the faith to do.

Unsanctified Mercy is a great disease that Satan has inflicted in Christians to color their thinking towards God’s judgements and purposes . what brings this is because Christians are caught in the craze of the world and so then Jezebel gets hold of them and manipulates them and the end will be destruction of the Spirit allowing the flesh or human compassion to be above God’s compassion. I do not think we can love God’s people than he does Love. But human compassion will always deceive us and see as If we love Gods people more than him which is really manipulation of Jezebel, the Spirit opposite of Prophetic Ministry and this Spirit almost does almost the same things prophets would do but out of manipulation.


The vision of the prophetic Ministry is to  turn people of God into repentance and carrying the burden of the Lord  but the Spirit of Jezebel normally wants to make prophets carry the burdens of the people as if they were intercessors and of course some prophets can be intercessors but not all can be intercessors and even though the most work of the prophets is  intercession  but this does not mean they can  show mercy where guilty have been judged and this was done King Saul who compromised the will of God by doing the will of the people in sparing King Agag who was destined to die , yet God had purposed everyone to be killed, he showed mercy where it was not needed and that was called unsanctified Mercy, it was a spirit of manipulation which colored the thinking Saul and he had this human compassion and indeed carried men’s  burdens than carrying the burden of the Lord and that was the end of him .


This was the Judgement of God to Amalekites

Samuel said to Saul, “I am the one the Lord sent to anoint you king over his people Israel; so listen now to the message from the Lord. This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘I will punish the Amalekites for what they did to Israel when they waylaid them as they came up from Egypt. Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.’ ” 1Samuel 15;1-3.



This is the response of King Saul and the Troops he went with towards God instructions;

Then Saul attacked the Amalekites all the way from Havilah to Shur, near the eastern border of Egypt. He took Agag king of the Amalekites alive, and all his people he totally destroyed with the sword. But Saul and the army spared Agag and the best of the sheep and cattle, the fat calves and lambs—everything that was good. These they were unwilling to destroy completely, but everything that was despised and weak they totally destroyed. 1Samuel15;7-9

As you can see King Saul managed to spare Agag the King and left the instructions and he listened to the voices of the people and this means he was clouded by human compassion that nullified the purposes and God was angry towards that. The Spirit of manipulation had taken hold of King Saul and he accomplished the purposes of men rather than God.  Almost human compassion from Peter would have denied us from the great Salvation when Jesus Christ had told the disciples about his sufferings before the cross in the Jerusalem, what did Jesus Christ do? He rebuked that spirit in Peter, because the human nature does not agree to God’s instructions and judgement. God had purposed that Jesus Christ was purposed to die on the cross in order to have this great salvation. It was showing like God made a mistake, Peter plainly said you shall not suffer, but Jesus Christ responded get behind me Satan. It was Peter who spoke but Jesus Christ discerned actually the Spirit of manipulation had taken hold of Peter and it was becoming a stumbling block to the will of God which was yet to be fulfilled.


When we suffer in Christ for the body of Christ we should not seek consolation from human or we should not show self pity, because that is what we call unsanctified Mercy before, instead we should seek bold and power of God in order to endure just like Jesus Christ did during his encounter with Peter on the way to Jerusalem it saved many of us. Imagine Jesus Christ had started feeling sorry for himself in self pity in order for human to have Mercy on him.? If he had accepted that Spirit in Peter he would have directly submitted to Satan. But Jesus Christ was mature in Spirit he understood. The Mature will not have this human compassion on the will of God instead they will fight and see the will of God being completed in order to save many. The immature in Spirit will have unsanctified towards God’s will just like Peter did and King Saul did.


For King Saul the Spirit of manipulation took hold of him in that he fully submitted to the human desires and forgot that he was carrying the burden of the Lord than the burdens of the people. Those who carry the burdens are the called to intercession and those who carry judgements of God are called to Prophetic Ministry and they will often carry the instructions of the Lord in their hearts and thoughts not the lips.

Consider this man Jesus Christ who carried the Burden of the Lord Almighty God and  the burdens of the people, on the other hand he was carrying the Judgment of God towards the world and through this Satan would be condemned and judged, Jesus Christ carried the Judgement and Mercy because the two cannot be separated. Then on the other hand he carried the burdens of the people a call to intercession.  But he was so wise that his prophetic vision of Judgement was not shuttered by human compassion because in his death and resurrection many would be justified and through intercession many would receive mercy and the two were instructions from God and Jesus Christ his ministry did not contradict in that he was able to both Judgement and Mercy without them being conflicting, where it needed mercy he showed Mercy and where it needed Judgement he gave it as it deserved.


If we need to recover Prophetic Vision of the church then we must see what Jesus Christ is seeing not what we are seeing. Peter saw suffering on behalf of Jesus Christ but Jesus Christ was salvation for all. The human compassion really kills our seeing in Christ Jesus.


Those Christians who want to progress in the Spiritual realms and advance in the Kingdom, then they must see things as the way God is seeing them, we must see the judgment as God is seeing and if its Mercy also we must feel compassion of the Holy Spirit. The compassion of the Spirit Authority and healing but the human compassion brings manipulation and destruction to the fear of God and submits to Satan.


Satan wants to sow where he has not sown therefore he will use many ways to destruct your progress in understanding the Lord your God and will bring this deceiving spirit that seats in you and corrupts everyway of thinking and compromise the Word of God.


I will stop here, My brethren I have written this by the guidance who digs wells of water that springs into eternal life that you make take caution and learn wisdom in Christ Jesus. Take this word seriously it will save your soul and your Family.

I charge you in the presence of God to obtain Mercy as you really deserve it but do not make the Grace of God in Vain.


Peace be with you. I love you so much in Christ when you Pray for Me and I always also make mention of you in the sight of God and remember that Iam standing still in the grace of God as the Soldier of Jesus Christ, you also stand and watch do not be over taken by the corruption of this world. As you suffer for Christ just remember there are other brethren in the world suffering just like you and us but who are ready to inherit the eternal glory.


I remain Asher Namanya the Soldier of Jesus Christ and the son of God the Father  the Most High God in Christ Jesus Our Lord and Saviour.

And to God be the Glory from everlasting to everlasting.




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